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Seraiah Academy

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        Indivividualization produces academic excellence.  Children do not come to school as failures, they go home this way.  If a child is placed in an academic situation beyond his capability, he is headed for failure, become frustrated, and begins to act irresponsibly.  Most deliquents are school failures.  Discipline problems in the classroom and a high rate of absenteism result from frustrations that accompany failure.  Seraiah eliminates academic failure and boredom by eliminating unfair competition and lock-step learning restraints.  Prescribed bits-size achievable objectives provide a break-through for thr underachiever and a challenge for the more academically inclined students. 

        Seraiah Academy is a school of learning with academic excellence for children of every abiity.

        Each student entering Seraiah is given diagnostics tests to determine skill and concept mastery.  He is then prescribed curriculum that meets and challenges him at his achivement level.
       If weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate "learning gaps" are then prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses.  After completing the "learning gaps" im module text forms, the student begins continuos progress at his achivement level.  If he has been diagnosed several years below his chronoligical level; he may be re-diagnosed after completing six to twelve learning gap modules.  Because of his increased comprehension and retention, the student may then demonstrate academic mastery at higher levels.